Delta Matrix are Electrical Power and Control Systems Engineers and Designers with emphasis on delivering practical engineering and design solutions across a broad range of sectors in collaboration with our Clients. Our technical and practical experience enables efficient delivery of the most challenging and complex projects utilising streamlined systems based on our IDEA processes.

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Design Services

Our experienced team will develop your project design needs from Client requirement, concept, feasibility, to any stage including outline design, design for costing support, detailed design for practical construction, or any stage required to satisfy the project needs and deliverables. Our aim is to provide design packages tailored to your project scope, safety, compliance and quality requirements whilst maintaining agreed costs and programme constraints as practically possible.

Engineering Services

Our engineers are available to support you our Client and your team during the front end engineering processes, project execution phase and the back end processes including; testing, commissioning, compliance, assurance, training and project handover. We can also provide technical and engineering expertise and support to compliment your project execution needs. We believe that outsourcing these project support services allows greater focus of your resources on your core business activities.

System Analysis

Our charted electrical engineers are experienced in developing and analysing high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) distribution systems utilising long hand or computer generated solutions. The main area of focus are electrical load studies, fault level studies, protection co-ordination studies, harmonic analysis, cabling sizing, cabling analysis and secure power supplies provisions. Our services cover system voltages ranging from 33kV to 400/230V on a.c. systems and up to 1000V on d.c. systems.

Client Focused Support

We focus on your project deliverables from start to completion and examine the design process from all perspectives, delivering the greatest efficiencies to you. We support you via our processes, which are built on a foundation of collaboration, integration, and consolidation, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our Client orientated support is offered as an integral part of our services.

About Us

Delta Matrix Limited was rebranded in 2011 from a founding company, Celltrax Limited, which was established in 2000 to provide consulting engineering services to a broad range of Clients, Consultancies, Main Contractors and Sub Contractors within many industries. The technical and practical knowledge and experience gained provides the basis for our services today.